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In the blog order request on the order form to order medication for the treatment of power Erogan in Slovenia, at a special price 39 €. The Manager will call the phone to confirm the order. Order payment by mail or courier after receiving the drug to the address of the customer in Maribor.

Where to get Erogan, Maribor, Slovenia

If you need to get capsules Erogan at a special price to Maribor to complete the name and phone number on the order form to make ordering product for the power, and then wait for the call responsible for ten minutes to consult about the drug Eragon and organize fast shipping. Make the order through the shipping to pay for the goods at the reception), or pick up your order the delivery of packages in the mail (the payment in the mail at reception). Delivery of the drug to Maribor in Your address accurate price of sending the parcel by courier may vary depending on the distance from the city in Slovenia to confirm the price with the Manager after booking on the official website.

The drugs are sold in boxes that contain 1 or 2 bottles (10 and 20 capsules, respectively).

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