Experience in the use of Erogan

Maksim, 27 years old, Kiev

Erogan experience in the use of opinion

After the first "failure" blamed for all the nerves, the small experience and the fatigue of physical work, and then start to make an effort to get an erection and fulfilling sex is becoming increasingly more difficult. The solution started on the Internet, since I don't want to discuss it, even with a doctor.

Chose to use the drug for the treatment of the power Eroganalthough there were some doubts. But after the first application capsules Erogan – immediately noticed the change, and now the sex is back in my life in new colors. Happy with the purchase. I do not regret about funds lost, neither I nor my partner.

Side personally I only have a little nasal congestion this morning, but this is probably due to the fact that he was hot and opened the window, and all there was nothing more

How to use it? Only drink for half an hour 2 capsules.